Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back into the groove of "real life"

I just noticed it's been since April 10th since I posted on my blog. Damn, the time is flying by as Allison and I returned from Spain and got back into the swing of real life home in Los Alamos. We had a great, great time during our Spain trip and it was nice to return home to family, friends, our normal routine and Smith's grocery store green chile and cheese bagels. I was seriously missing those bagels while on vacation. They're the best toasted just so and slathered with real butter. Mmmm, mmmmm! We've had a ton of fun around home since returning back to the U.S. We've gotten back up into the Jemez Mountains many times to my favorite NM crag, Upper East Fork, where I sent a couple of on-again, off-again projects up there; Cyclops and then the super fun Chupacabra. It was a great week for me up there and with the longer days of summer upon us now we'll be climbing there more after work in the evenings.

Chupacabra action

I've had some good times helping out instructing at a couple of Los Alamos Mountaineers annual climbing school sessions and this Saturday I'll be up at El Rito serving as a leader for the school's graduation climbing day. It's always a ton of fun leading the class students up their first multipitch routes and El Rito is such a fun, nice place to spend the day. Can't go wrong. And I've been running a great deal and running well, too. I'm getting psyched to run the San Juan Solstice 50 mile trail race again this year, for my sixth time, after taking last year off from the race. It's such a beautiful and difficult course it's hard not to go back year after year.

Andy ripping a turn in the Nambe Chutes

Oh, and yeah, there's this little trip up to Alaska to climb and ski Denali with five great friends coming up in just three weeks. Holy shit, better get cracking on those logistics. We've had some fun weekend mountain outings the past two weekends spending time up high and riding what's left of New Mexico's high country snowpack.

Sam and Aaron enjoying new spring snow on Lake Fork Peak

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Your "real life" is not so bad :-)