Sunday, March 4, 2012


The theme of this week was migration. At work we had the big cut-over day yesterday from the long-standing calendaring application, Meeting Maker, to the calendaring application in Exchange. I put in 8 hours Friday afternoon/evening, 16 hours Saturday and 9 hours Sunday working with our talented migration team to get all 7,000 users and 780+ room/equipment calendars migrated into Exchange. It's been a wild weekend for work. At times it sucked, at times it was gratifying and in the end we're all stoked to have it done. Now begins the's going to be a wild few weeks while everyone first hates it because it's different, then actually gives it a chance and then, eventually, realizes it's pretty damn slick. I know that's how it's going to be because that's how it was for me when I first got involved with this migration. Generally speaking, people just hate change for the sake of hating change. But once a person spends time with the new product, the attitude eventually changes. This will be "fun" to watch at work. So yes, I missed out on a couple of beautiful weather days this weekend while I was holed up in an windowless conference room huddled in front of a laptop eating junk food just because the food was there and what else was I going to do? But I did get out for a nice five mile run in a few inches of new snow on Friday morning before going up to Pajarito Mountain to hike a lap up Townsight for a snowboard run down in ~6 inches of new snow. That was fun. I was the first person hiking up that day despite my leisurely start to the morning and enjoyed first tracks down the run "Hedache". I took my Dad's Hero2 camera up and mounted it on the ski pole for this fun little video:

A solo hike and ride down Pajarito Mountain for my 63rd Pajarito hiked-for lap this season. Six inches of new made it nice.

Earlier in the week Allison and I nailed down a week-long apartment reservation at CampingBeta in Baro, Spain for our upcoming two-week trip there. That was a fun process communicating with the owner, back and forth via email, for a few days before going to our bank to figure out how to transfer money from the U.S. to a bank in Spain. (Hint: you need the bank account number as well as the "swift" (BIC) number for the bank.) So now we've got lodging figured out for all but two nights while we're there. We'll figure that out soon or just once we get there. That's the fun in the adventure. I had intended to continue my Denali 2003 journal entries this week but I'm pooped and tired of staring at computer screens this weekend so that will have to wait for another post. Stay tuned...the journal entries are about to get meaty and exciting, I promise. :-)

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Jeff Valliere said...

Digging the vids, fitting music (though I am still waiting for something extreme enough for "Sail").