Monday, March 31, 2008

In Darjeeling, ain't no foolin!

Hello all! Jason here. First, thank for all the super awesome comments on the blog so far! We really appreciate everyone saying hello and leaving your thoughts about our trip. Second, let's here it for Allison for all the time she's put into this page and posting all the updates! Allison, the four of us here say...THANK YOU!!!! You're the best.
We arrived in Darjeeling yesterday after spending a night in Pelling, West Sikkim. Pelling is crazy, it's just a bunch of hotels on a hill. Really, just hotels. I don't know how the town is sustained. We couldn't even find a market?!? On our drive from Pelling to Darjeeling we stopped at a holy cave and hot springs along the river and had lunch in a town called Naya Bazaar. As we ascended from 1200' by the river at Naya Bazaar to Darjeeling at 7200', we passed by numerous tea plantations perched improbably on the very steep hillsides. It's mind-boggling how much agriculture is done on hillsides that drop so steeply.
It's been an awesome trip for sure. Here in Darjeeling now for a couple days we'll be doing the tourist bit and will be consuming loads of tea and food. Now's the part of the trip where we get all fat and happy like most tourists. We're SO psyched about how our expedition went! The trek in was fantastic, we summitted one of the peaks and saw some amazing territory. Each morning we'd wake up with a stellar view of Kachenjunga and I was just glad to be alive and in such a wonderful and amazing place. When we left for this trip I figured if we summitted just one peak of the two, I'd consider that total success given we had no knowledge of the routes and difficulty involved. Yahoo!!
It's been fantastic but I'm also looking forward to getting back home to enjoy spring in the Southwest and see everyone back in New Mexico. See you all soon!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you on such a wonderful adventure! We are so happy things went so well. We can't wait to see you back home. Good luck on the return trip! May your luggage follow you closely….

Jerry - dad

Jeff Valliere said...

Great job Jason! Sounds like a great trip, can't wait to hear more about it when you return and see your pictures.

ultrastevep said...

Good job, Jason....

See you at Hardrock! I'll bet New Mexico is absolutely beautiful right now!


CP said...

Pictures, brother, pictures. I can't wait to see them!

Matt & Patty said...

Allison is TOTALLY awesome as are the four of you!! What an adventure of a lifetime!! Congratulations to all four of you!


dylan said...

Congrats to you all. Can't wait to see all the pics of a place most will never see.

Kev said...


Sweet, fantastic!! I am with CP pictures gotta seem. Good to read all went well.
It's all about the journey not the destination. Maybe I see ya the run in May in LA.