Monday, January 16, 2012

Second week of 2012...

The second week of 2012 is in my books. It was another good one. I'm a night behind on my weekly blog because today is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday so it felt like a Sunday despite being a Monday.  Speaking of MLK Jr., if you're interested in his life and the story of his assignation, I highly recommend reading "Hellhound on His Trail" by Hampton Sides. I read it last year and really enjoyed it.
This week was pretty standard. I didn't get to run as much as I had hoped but managed to get in a couple decent lunch runs and one ~17 mile run on Saturday morning. The faster pavement runs with undulating terrain feels like good training for the Moab Red Hot 50k+ next month. I don't expect a super fast time at the Red Hot and instead just hope to run and finish an ultra without IT band pain after being plagued with IT band irritation all last fall. Saturday afternoon Allison and went climbing down at the Overlook to squeeze in a few routes and replace an aging bolt and hanger on a fun arĂȘte route called Paul's Boutique. We had replaced four of the five bolt hangers (and upgraded the anchors) a few weeks ago so now the route is fully upgraded.
I worked a couple more nights during the week on our ongoing project of migrating all the email accounts from the old system to the newer MS Exchange infrastructure. Things went smooth and the nights were short.
Friday night we had a small pizza party and movie viewing session at our house to watch the highly-acclaimed ski/snowboard movies "The Art of Flight" and "I.All.Can".  Both films are phenomenal! If you haven't seen them yet, check out the trailers below.

Allison and I went climbing with friends Nat, Matt and Gabriela at the scenic and fun Utopian Vistas crag along the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, NM on Sunday. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we really enjoyed ourselves. I enjoyed it so much I'm still quite sore now, more than 24 hours later!

Gabriela on "Nirvana Blues" at Utopian Vistas. See more photos.

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