Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A few of my favorite photos from India

I have over 2.5GB of photos from our India trip that I've been sorting through a bit. I plan to post them in a web album at some point but no doubt that will be a while. But in the meantime, here are a few that I really like or that tell the story a bit...

Monks playing cricket at the Enchey Monastery.

We're huge in India...

Sarah and Sam enduring the long drive from Gangtok to Yuksam.

Our group at the lookout above Dzongri. Kangchenjunga and Pandim are the major peaks in the background. From left to right: Me, Sarah, Sam, Dawa our guide, Josh and Suraj our liaison officer.

Jopuno, 5,936m. We successfully climbed the west ridge, the ridge going from lower left starting on the glacial snow to the summit.

The "A-Bomb" sunset from our 16,000' camp on Tinchenkang.

Josh descending the rock face section on Tinchenkang in a snow storm on our summit attempt day.

Kangchenjunga in the moonlight from our basecamp.

After the storm cleared, Sam descending the west ridge of Jopuno on our summit day.

Our big mountain family at Thangsing camp before we hike out. The group includes Dzo drivers, porters, our cook and his assistant, our liaison officer, guide and us.

Super friendly school girls at the border checkpost of Sikkim and West Bengal.


CP said...

Geesh, in the picture of you guys at Thangsing camp, you look freakishly tall! Great shots, Jason. Welcome back!

Jerry said...

Wow, yes we will need to see all the pictures! These are great.

Cunniff said...

Sweet pics. Can't wait to see more.

Matt & Patty said...

Beautiful pictures! It is very easy to pick you out of a crowd! I can't wait for the official presentation of all of your pictures.
I really like the moonlight picture.